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Golden Tiger Deyon Hill signs with University of West Alabama

It was a feeling of brotherhood that reminded him of home that drew RHS Golden Tiger Deyon Hill to the University of West Alabama.

“It was just a family thing, kind of like we have here,” he said. “It just felt comfortable.”

Hill said UWA, in Livingston, has been recruiting him as a player for some time, and – surrounded by family, teammates and coaches – he signed on National Signing Day to play football there in the fall.

Hill has played football since he was 5.

“I love to compete,” Hill said. “There is no other bond than you have with your teammates.”

Coach Mark Heaton said he thinks the University of West Alabama was a good choice for Hill.

“We tell all our student athletes we want them to go where they have the opportunity to be successful,” “They play in the toughest conference in Division 2 football.”

He said he thinks Hill will be an asset for UWA.

“Deyon is a unique guy. He can play in the backfield and run between the tackles with authority,” “He’s a strong, powerful runner. At the same time, you put him out there outside the backfield, and he can be a dominant wide receiver.”

For rushing in the past season, Hill was marked at 235 attempts, 1502 yards and 21 touchdowns. Receiving, he racked up 49 catches, 659 yards and eight touchdowns.

It’s also his character, Heaton said, that will make the difference for Hill.

“He’s a humble guy, and he was just talking about his teammates and all they did to make this possible,” Heaton said. “We’ve talked for a long time about what God’s done in his life and where He has him, and I think that’s something Deyon understands – God has a plan for him, and all he has to do is be obedient and follow that path.”

Hill’s mother, Malina Hill, said she is nervous but excited for her son to move off and begin his collegiate career. “I’m kind of sad because it’s the end of high school, but I’m excited for him,” she said.

Those are emotions her son shares, and he said he will carry great memories with him from RHS, like winning the region championship – and, really, every moment shared with his teammates.

“It’s a great feeling knowing I have a connection with these guys for the rest of my life. I’m thankful,” he said.

Hill is undecided on his major but is considering either sports medicine or sports management.