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Shannon Oliver vies for Franklin County Board of Education Place 4

When incumbent Shannon Oliver faces off with Democratic opponent Eddie Britton in the March 1 primary for Place 4 on the Franklin County Board of Education, he said his knowledge of activities going on in the Franklin County School systems will make him a strong candidate for the position.

“I consider it an honor to represent the families not only in my district but all of Franklin County,” he said “I feel we still have work to do. During my recent term, we have faced huge cuts from state and federal funding. We, the board and central office staff, along with principals and staffs at each school in this county, have worked together. You have to have people that can work together to accomplish things. I would like to see what can be done when we actually have funding. The main reason I desire to continue to serve is the love I have for my community, school and county.”

Oliver, who has been a quality technician for Gates Corporation for 22 years, said his experience on the board is one asset that qualifies him for the position.

“I work with the schools and parents to help develop interest and try bringing in new things to give students more opportunities,” he said. “I work side by side with parents and students on improvements to the school and its facilities.”

He also highlighted his stake in the successfulness of Franklin County schools.

“My wife, a teacher of over 20 years, teaches at Belgreen. My daughter is a seventh grade student. I have a vested interest in the school,” Oliver said. “I know the kids on a personal level.  I continue to work firsthand with all the kids and parents of the Belgreen community. I am a part of the Belgreen Team, and with that comes the desire to work hard for what is best for not only the kids in the Belgreen community but the kids across Franklin County.”

Oliver said voters should elect him because “I am who I am. I will tell you straight up what I think. I have no set agenda,” Oliver said. “Each decision made will be looked at very carefully. I don’t like a lot of politics when we are dealing with education and children. I feel I can work with anyone, and this is what it will take for our county schools to continue to improve.”

“Smart management and teamwork” are two important qualities Oliver said he brings to the role. Issues he hopes to focus on while in office include school safety, career tech funding and technology.

“One issue I hope to address is school safety,” he said. “I know many of you hear others talk about this. If you are a parent, it stays on your mind a lot; believe me, I know the feeling. Each school has a safety plan in place, but in order to keep our kids and teachers safe, we must work to educate them on school violence and practice to ensure safety as a top priority.

“Another issue is putting more in career technical programs. We have to find more funding for these areas,” Oliver said. “Also, technology is rapidly advancing in our country. We must do more to make sure our kids stay up to date.”

One of the most important qualities he brings to this position, Oliver said, is “a desire to work to do what’s best for the kids. I love the kids and want to be a voice for them. I’m honest, and I’m a hard worker. I will work to be sure the kids of this county have the best we can give them.”

He is married to Tara Rickard Oliver, and they have one daughter, Bailey Oliver.

He is a member of the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association, the Belgreen Booster Club and PTO, the Belgreen Bass Club and the Clearwater Hunting Club and a member of the Belgreen Church of Christ.

“I love the outdoors,” he said. “I love to hunt and fish. I love baseball and enjoy watching the Atlanta Braves.”