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Red Bay introduces new volunteer

By Brandi Miller

For the FCT


Parents and visitors to Red Bay High School will be seeing a new face on campus.

Dallas Gilliland is a volunteer who will be helping in areas of need around the school. He will be seen in all areas of the campus and will be monitoring and helping with areas that need assistance.

RBHS principal Kenny Sparks said he is thankful for Gilliand and hopes this will lead to more volunteers around campus.

“We are always in need of volunteers to help with our children,” said Sparks. “We encourage our parents, grandparents and stakeholders to be involved with their children’s education. Volunteering is just one way you can help.”

In order to be a volunteer on campus there are several qualifications that must be completed, such as a background check, being in good standing with the school and community and being a reliable person. Anyone who would be interested in volunteering at RBHS can call 256-331-2270 for more information.