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HOSA students attend state conference

By Brandi Miller

For the FCT


Red Bay High School HOSA is a busy organization on campus. Dr. Kay Hargett, the sponsor, and the members of HOSA are constantly putting together programs for the school and doing various projects.

Members of RBHS HOSA and the other county schools recently traveled to competition, where they represented the county very well by winning several events.

“I was extremely proud of all the students who competed at the Alabama State HOSA Leadership Conference,” said Hargett. “Each student represented not only their local school but the Franklin County school system in a professional and esteemed manner.”

The students participating in the competition spent Wednesday practicing, and the students who were going to compete for state offices were able to go on the stage to get a feel for the experience. Thursday began the competitions with a knowledge test, followed by an opening ceremony where various awards of accomplishments were presented to dignitaries and health teachers. After opening ceremonies, students competed in various events that afternoon and night.

“Preparation is key to success with the competition events associated with not only running for state office but various health care events,” said Hargett. “Students study and practice for several weeks and even months in some cases preparing to compete with students from across the state of Alabama.  Students fill out applications, practice speeches and prepare displays for competition.”

After the initial day of competitions, the students who were in the top six had a second round of competition. At 2 p.m. the closing ceremony took place, and the students were made aware of how they had placed in the competition. The students were also made aware during this time who would be the new state HOSA officers – a huge honor for anyone in HOSA.  RBHS’ Tate Ozbirn won the elected office of HOSA president, and he had the privilege of closing the ceremony by making a speech.

“After the conference, those students who were previously noted to be shy and reserved were noted to be more confident,” said Hargett. “I was extremely proud of all of the HOSA students from the three Franklin County schools who participated in this year’s Alabama State HOSA Leadership Conference. This was definitely not only an eye opening experience for these students but one they will cherish for a lifetime.”

Students who won at the HOSA Leadership Conference include:

  • Tate Ozbirn, Red Bay High School – Alabama State HOSA President
  • Holly Hardin, Red Bay High School – second place, prepared speaking
  • April Humphres, Red Bay High School – third place, job seeking skills
  • Ginger Juan, Tharptown High School – second place, job seeking skills
  • Jennifer Carreto, Tharptown High School – Chapter reflections, outstanding chapter