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NED Show inspires EFJHS students

By Nicole Burns

For the FCT

“The show helped spread a positive message that doing well in school will help you get the job of your dreams.”

That’s the idea 8th grader Cimber Davis walked away with from the recent NED Show presented to students at East Franklin Junior High School.

“I really liked the NED show because the lady was extremely funny, and it taught me to never give up, encourage others and do my best,” said Davis. “The show helped spread a positive message that everyone can be champions if they make good decisions.”

East Franklin teachers said the NED Show brought in an energetic host who really got the students involved. “It was very engaging for both students and teachers as the presenter made it very interactive,” said teacher Kayla Smith. “She shared positive life lessons.”

The assembly focused on the story of a cartoon character and yo-yo tricks that really held the students’ attention. “My favorite part was when she threw the yo-yo up in the air,” said 1st grader Sadie Champion.

The NED show brings more than cool yo-yo tricks to the table. It also brings a healthy message that really stuck with the children. “The N in NED stands for never give up. The E stands for encourage others. The D stands for do your best,” said 1st grader Chaley Bullington.

“The lady did some awesome yo-yo tricks,” said 4th grader Abigail Bell. “She did the tricks as she told a story about Ned’s encounter with aliens. She messed up on one of her tricks, then she messed up again on the same trick but instead of giving up, she would try harder, which is what she wants us to do. Never give up, encourage others and do your best.”

“It taught me that having a negative attitude could lead to a negative day, whereas if I have a positive attitude, it could lead to a positive day,” said 8th grader Makenzie Galloway.

“The NED show also gave me a positive outlook on my goals. If you have a goal and you fail the first time, don’t give up – go at it again,” said 8th grader Lexie Harbin.