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Art Club gussies up PCES

At Phil Campbell Elementary School, every fourth and fifth grade student joined a club this year. In Art Club, 27 students have been creating an underwater wonderland outside on the playground.

Club members, led by Jessica Peppers, have been working to paint several underwater-themed murals on concrete planters out on the playground. In addition to other projects – including making signs for Relay for Life – these students are bringing fish, coral, seaweed and even a mermaid to life.

“It’s those who really want to improve their art and do projects that aren’t normal lesson plans,” said Peppers, who sees the club as a complementary expansion to PCES’ regular art curriculum. “It’s been going pretty good.”

Art, Peppers said, is also a good way to tie in elements of cross-curricular education as well as encourage collaboration.

“Sometimes we don’t realize working together is what we have to do,” Peppers said. “It’s really nice to see them collaborate and work as a team, and they don’t realize they are doing it. Art Club is just fun, and they don’t realize they are learning.”

The clubs were implemented to give every fourth and fifth grade student something to be excited about and somewhere to belong.

“We wanted to try to build self esteem and find something all children could enjoy in life that would just change their routine – give them something different,” Principal Jackie Ergle said. “It’s just another approach to add to our curriculum and spark student interest.”

Other PCES clubs include Library Club, 4-H Club, LEGO Club, Civitan Club, Student Ambassadors and the Girls Only Club.