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RFD encourages clothes dryer safety

Some of the most common household fire risks are familiar to most everyone – unattended stove burners, electric heaters and candles, for example. But there’s one appliance many homeowners use every day that can easily cause a fire without proper maintenance: the clothes dryer.

One of the most important aspects of clothes dryer safety is proper installation. The Russellville Fire Department encourages homeowners to have dryers professionally-installed to make sure it is properly grounded and exhaust vent pipes and flaps are operating as they should.

Here are a few regular maintenance tips to keep in mind for safe clothes drying:

–       Do not use the dryer without a lint filter, and check the filter before and after each cycle.

–       Don’t forget to clean the back of the dryer, where lint can build up.

–       Regularly check the venting system to ensure it is not damaged, crushed or restricted.

–       Make sure the appropriate plug and outlet are used to power the machine.

–       Follow manufacturer’s operating instructions and don’t overload the dryer.

–       When leaving home or going to bed, do not leave the dryer on.