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PCHS students make Prom Promise

By Nicole Burns

For the FCT


Phil Campbell High School took it back to Old Southern Charm for this year’s prom theme, and many students gave their word to make it a night they won’t soon forget.

The week before prom, students were presented a Prom Promise contract by junior and senior class sponsors. By signing the contract, the students pledged to enjoy the night without the use of alcohol. Prom Promise is an online agreement available to anyone. The movement is meant to help curb underage drinking during a high profile night.

PCHS senior Sydney McCalpin has attended four proms in her high school career and said the Prom Promise was a great idea. “I have heard about the contract before,” said McCalpin. “I knew several other schools in the county had signed the Prom Promise because I saw posts about it on Instagram and Facebook. I think it’s a good thing to have, and I wasn’t reluctant to sign it at all.”

PCHS held prom at the A.W. Todd Center April 15 with all the grace and beauty one might expect from a Southern affair. There was music, dancing, flowers, a spread of delicious food and even carriage rides for attendees. McCalpin said the atmosphere inside prom also seemed to have a little more charm this year. “Since we signed the prom promise, I think it was a cleaner prom than the ones I’ve been to before,” said McCalpin.

Junior and senior class sponsors said they were happy with the participation with both the promise and the prom. Next year’s junior and senior classes can expect to see the pledge again since this year worked so well.