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Tharptown’s Bart Moss brings history to life

By Bernie Moussad for the FCT


To become teacher of the year is an incredible honor, but to be chosen while running for superintendent is an entirely different matter.

Bart Moss, a Phil Campbell graduate, has been teaching at Tharptown High School for many years now. His primary focus is government/economics and US history. Moss likes to “teach my subjects from the perspective of current events to relate it to the lives of my students.” According to Moss, this makes learning far more interesting for the students.

In addition to making his lectures relevant to his students, he integrates class discussions and debates. “I also like to deviate from the subject material at times and just talk about real life issues to them,” Moss said.

As a teacher, Moss said he has certain goals for his classroom. He desires for his classes to understand the story of government and history through the discussions they have in class. “Along the way, I hope they learn a lot about leadership, motivation, compromise, working together, forming an educated opinion and fighting for what they believe in. That is the story our government and our history,” he said.

Moss said when he received the award, he was quite honored. Moss is currently running for superintendent of education, and to be chosen as Teacher of the Year while running for this office “was humbling.”

Next school year will be different. Since Moss is on the campaign trail, his first semester will be busy, but Moss said he doesn’t intend to let that change his time in the classroom. “My goal is to not let that interfere with the quality of instruction I present to my students.” He loves the classroom and interacting with the students and “will continue that on a much larger scale if elected.”

“He does a great job in the classroom and has an excellent relationship with his students and peers. He works hard to make sure his students understand the political system of today and the past,” said Principal Barry Laster. He also mentioned that Moss invited politicians, such as Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, into his classroom to create learning opportunities for his students.

“Education is critical to success in life,” Moss said. “I want students to understand that education doesn’t stop at the school doors. Education should be a lifelong passion.”

Education, also “is a team effort,” Moss said. “Everyone a child interacts with is involved in their education to some degree or another – the bus driver, office staff, the custodians, the lunchroom workers and the teachers.”