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Gilbert earns top teacher recognition at PCHS

By Bernie Moussad

Karen Gilbert has spent her life in the town of Phil Campbell – graduating from Phil Campbell High School and returning to teach from 23.5 years. She is PCHS’ Teacher of the Year.

Gilbert was raised in Phil Campbell and graduated from the high school 39 years ago. Since she lived only ten minutes from the school, it seemed sensible for her to just work there, and she said she has enjoyed every year of it. She said, “I felt like I was at home while I was here.” It truly was home for her.

Gilbert taught math during her time there, specifically algebra and pre-calculus. When asked about her teaching style, she replied, “I’m firm but fair.”

When it came to teaching her students, she knew, “if they wanted to be successful, they would be in spite of my teaching.” It takes self-motivation to truly do well in the class of any teacher.

Gilbert has been with PCHS through the highs and lows, good times and bad. Concerning this past school year, Gilbert said she felt it was very calm. She has a long history with this school, and this was the year it came to an end. She chose to retire this year after her many years of service to her school and her community.

When selected for Teacher of the Year, Gilbert said, “I was honored. There were plenty of other teachers who were just as worthy to receive (the award) and knowing that my fellow peers –teachers – chose me was very honoring.

“I’ve felt proud to be a Phil Campbell Bobcat, and I would like to wish my fellow teachers and the upcoming class the very best, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you.”