State honors school nurses

When someone pictures nurses, they probably see them caring for the ill in a hospital, or perhaps at a walk-in clinic or family doctor’s office. But there’s a dedicated group of nurses who care for this county’s children – in each of the Franklin County schools.

The Alabama Senate approved a resolution commending Franklin County nurses for “exemplary service,” a recognition lead school nurse Diane Baker shared with the Franklin County Board of Education at its meeting last week.

“Through the years and in all their endeavors, school nurses have earned respect for their exceptional abilities and tireless dedication,” the resolution points out. “(They) are truly deserving of special recognition for their dedicated commitment to ensuring the health and safety of school children in Alabama.”

The resolution, proposed by Sen. Gerald Dial, was signed by Secretary of the Senate Patrick Harris and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey.

Superintendent Gary Williams congratulated Franklin County nurses and thanked them for their service and dedication.