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Bell runs for re-election to finish what he’s started

Mayor Steve Bell wanted to make a difference in Phil Campbell when he ran for election in 2012. Four years later, he thinks the town has made progress, and he’d like to keep that going.

“It’s been a good four years, everybody working for the betterment of the town,” he said.

“I’d like to continue to do downtown work,” Bell said. A new restaurant is in the process of opening downtown, and grants are available for continued improvements, dependent upon match money. Bell also wants to continue to be a part of development at the splash pad – restrooms are next up. “We’ve got the grant started and have to finish engineering, and we hope to start construction this fall,” he said.

Post-tornado grants have helped to get Phil Campbell back on its feet with improved infrastructure.

Bell said he also wants to remain active in recruiting new industry to the Phil Campbell Industrial Park. “It’s about getting jobs for the whole community,” Bell said.

Bell said credibility and fairness are two qualities he offers as the man for the job. Management experience is also an important quality in serving as mayor, and he prides himself on “the ability to work and find solutions that are a win-win for everyone.”

Being mayor is often a challenge, but it’s a challenge Bell said he wants to embrace for at least another four years. “I try to be more of a facilitator than the absolute manager who has to have my way,” Bell said. “I think that’s what has worked well with the council – that give and take. We can disagree without having a fight. We can find a solution.”

Bell is married to Debra, and they have two daughters: Haley, infection control manager at ECM hospital, and husband Nic, who is a youth pastor; and Terri, who is broiler manager at Pilgrim’s. He has two grandchildren. He is a member of the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad and works as Santa Claus during the season.