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Cornelison wants to address abundance of problems in city

Roy Cornelison hopes to make his mark as councilman of District 3. It’s time, he said, for a shake-up of city council.

“(The current council) is a group that needs to be broken up. We can’t get anything done. They just don’t care about the people. They just do what they want to do,” Cornelison asserted. “They are being paid by our tax money. When you go down there and just do what you want to do instead of doing what the community needs done, that’s wrong. You’re elected by the people in this city.”

Cornelison is eager to work for his district, which he said he feels has been neglected. “The people in the district are the ones who put you in office. You’re supposed to take care of that district; it’s not city-wide. Any complaints that come out of your district, you’re supposed to go in front of the council and get it fixed. That doesn’t happen.”

Cornelison said he sees a number of problems that aren’t being addressed in Russellville, including the Hal Kirby Ball Park renovations and issues surrounding the ambulance service in Russellville.

“I want to do things right and get things done and ask the people’s opinion,” he said. “I will speak out about my district and take care of problems.”

City streets in need of repair and clean-up are another issue Cornelison wants to address.

Cornelison owns R&R Lawn Services and has been a resident of Russellville his entire life. Cornelison said, if elected, he can use his lawn care experience to address some of the clean-up issues in his district.

“Change in leadership is imperative,” Cornelison said. “There is no room for complacency. There is no excuse for the actions and inactions of our current administration.”

He has one daughter and two grandchildren.