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Cottontails Children’s Boutique opens in Russellville

Russellville High School graduates Tamera Lane and Haley Sparks weren’t sure how successful their monogramming and applique business would be. But with orders enough to keep them busy several weeks out, it seems like Cottontails Children’s Boutique is taking off.

“We’ve done tons of orders,” Lane said. “We’ve had a lot of traffic.”

The business venture grew out of a home business, which only began after the two decided to purchase a monogram machine to make items for their nephews.

“When we would buy one kid something, we had to buy everybody something. We were spending a fortune on Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas,” Lane said. “I said, it would be cheaper to buy a machine and do it ourselves.”

Soon they began creating monogrammed items ordered by friends and family, and as their business expanded, they decided to take the leap and open a brick and mortar location, at 13726 Highway 43, adjacent to Ava’s China and Gifts.

The two opted to carry Paty and Angel Dear merchandise, but product isn’t their focus as much as the monogramming and applique. They both love seeing pictures of little “Cottontails” wearing or using items they have monogrammed. They try not to make any two outfits exactly the same.

“I never thought it would take off and go so far so fast,” Lane said.

“I thought we would be real slow starting out,” Sparks agreed.

The two create custom orders as well as their own designs. Sparks and Lane said the business allows them to spend time with their own little Cottontails ­– Lane has one child, and Sparks has two.

For more information, visit Cottontails Children’s Boutique on Facebook.