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Rogers hopes to help town as mayor

Marshall Rogers has lived in Vina for 33 years, and he’s ready to embrace a new challenge: serving as mayor.

“I’ve been on town council for 19 years, and I just thought I’d like to give it a try,” Rogers said. “I made up my mind this term to try it. I’d appreciate everyone’s vote and support.”

Rogers’ hopes for Vina include bringing in more businesses and working with the community to better the town.

“I believe I can help the town and the water and gas board,” Rogers said. “I know everybody in Vina … “It’s grown a lot since I’ve been here. The current mayor and town council have gotten a lot accomplished.”

Rogers has served on the Vina Fire and Rescue Squad for 30 years and is assistant president of Franklin County Fire & Rescue Association. In employment, he has driven a fuel truck for 16 years.

Rogers said he wants to “work with the town council to answer the concerns of the people of Vina” and put forth effort to see the town grow, including increasing school enrollment and enticing more families to move to Vina.

Rogers has been married for 27 years to Denise Rogers. He has three children, Jason, Phillip and Alysa, and six grandchildren. When it comes to his favorite thing about Vina – “I like it all, especially the people in it. We’ve got some great folks.”