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Seeking to serve, Jackson runs for District 3

“If people want the progress they’re seeing right now to continue, they need to vote Aug. 23 for that progress. If they don’t want to see that progress, they need to vote for Mr. Dwight Jackson.”

Jackson, who is running for District 3, stands against Councilman Gary Cummings working as meter reader for the city, and that’s one of the primary reasons he decided to run, at the encouragement of former customers. Jackson himself was a City of Russellville meter reader for 27 years.

Jackson was born and raised in Russellville, and he said he wants to serve the city, working with the mayor and councilmen to carry out the desires of the people in his district. “I want to be for the people, for the districts, for a change,” Jackson said. “What I knew about Russellville will make me a good councilman.”

Jackson said he doesn’t consider himself a politician, but he thinks he can serve well as a councilman.

“I want my district to know that they are going to be my boss,” Jackson said. “I want to work with the other councilmen, whoever, and other districts, and I want the other districts to realize that I am working for them too, not just District 3. I’m working for every district in Russellville.

Jackson advocates for more traffic lights downtown.

He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Russellville. He has one son, Jamie.