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Vina author donates copy of first book to RPL

In kindergarten, Mark Glick got his first taste of publication when his first little story – about a bunny that was trying to escape from a bear – was selected for a special publication project in his small hometown in Illinois.

Glick moved to Vina at a young age and graduated from Vina High School. Although he majored in math at the University of Alabama, he also achieved a minor in English and held on to his love for writing. Recently, his second self-published novel (through Tate Publishing) released to the public. Prior to its release, Glick presented a copy of his first novel – “Serpentkind: Existence” – the first in a series of six, to Russellville Public Library, last week.

Glick has been working on the series for ten years. The books share the story of a Serpentine World that has usurped the world of men.

“The story begins 200 years in the future with Serpentkind in control of the world. They have managed to deceive Mankind and almost destroyed Earth in the process,” Glick said. “The main character, Joshua Thorn, evolved from a king snake, is trying to figure out the hidden secrets between Man and Serpent. Most of the other evolved snake breeds are not so understanding. The venomous breeds have taken control, with the Cobra maintaining complete power. Joshua works his way into a higher (level) of the military-governed world with the sole purpose of making changes.”

The books span a time frame from 1970 to 2235. The first book to publish is book four of the series; the recently-released second book is book five. Books one, two and three will be the next to be released, followed by book six.

Glick said he encourages children to write, embracing their imaginations.

“Their own imaginations can develop something, and whether somebody likes it or not doesn’t matter. If you don’t do it, you’ll never know,” Glick said. “If you have imagination, write it down, and if inspiration leads you in the right direction, then you end up with your face on the back of a book.”

Glick also donated a copy of “Serpentkind: Existence” to the Weatherford Public Library in Red Bay. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million.

Glick and his wife have two children, and they live in Fulton, Miss.