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PCES extends helping hand

Each year, members of the Phil Campbell Elementary School Ambassadors choose a big service project to reach out and fill a need. This year, that need is in Louisiana.

Ambassadors have spent the first few weeks of school organizing and enacting a school supply collection for fellow students impacted by the flooding in Louisiana, an effort suggested by a PCES staff member who has a Louisiana connection. The collection has turned into a “boys versus girls” competition to see who can collect the most items, but the focus is humanitarian.

“We’re just trying to help them get back on their feet and give them some stuff to help,” Abby Hamby said.

“We’re doing unto others as we would want to have them do unto us,” MaryKathryn Swinney added.

St. Amant students will be the beneficiaries of PCES’ efforts. Collection continues through the end of this week.

“When Phil Campbell had the tornado, all kinds of people came to help us, so we thought we would help somebody else,” Kylee Welborn said.

Other ambassadors include Sydnee Bankston, Eli Hall, Cooper Riddle, Allie Herring, Emma Hutcheson, Josie Warhurst, Tre McCulloch and Hunter Todd. Ambassadors are led by Kristen Headlee and Tracy Swinney.