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Red Bay elementary students learn about bullying

By Brandi Miller for the FCT

Never give up, encourage others and do your best is the message Red Bay Elementary students received from guest speaker Ned. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth heard Ned’s messages while also enjoying storytelling, magic and humor. The focus of the message was on bullying and why it is important to not be a bully and to help those who are bullied.

“We wanted to do this program as soon as possible,” said RBHS elementary Principal Johnny Cleveland.

Elementary guidance counselor Linda Markham organized the event for the elementary students.

“We want all our students to feel safe at school and be able to learn in an environment where they are comfortable and secure,” said Markham. “This speaker did a great job keeping the students’ attention while getting a very important message across to them.”

The program was both entertaining and informative for the students. Keeping the attention of viewers as young as 5 and up to 11-12 can be tricky, but Ned was able to do just that, and the message of being kind and not to bully was received by the younger and older students.

“I learned not to bully because other people might see you and think it is OK,” said fifth grade student Holden Inman.

Ned stressed to the students that champions set goals and treat people well. He encouraged students to work as a team and help build each other up by being positive to each other instead of negative.