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Fancher elected as Red Bay mayor

“I’m on top of the world. Joy unspeakable. It’s been a hard three months … It’s been quite a challenge.”

Such were the thoughts of newly-elected Red Bay Mayor Charlene Fancher, just after her 14-vote win over Mike Shewbart. In run-off election results, Fancher took 498 votes to Shewbart’s 484 in a voter turnout that poll workers said was even higher than the August election – unusual, for a one-race run-off.

“There’s always a winner, and there’s always a loser. It hurts to lose,” Shewbart said. “We’re very humbled by the vote we got. Fourteen votes is close. We’re going to still support Red Bay and try to do what we can to bring things to Red Bay.”

Fancher, during an election victory celebration last night, reflected on the last six weeks since the August vote. “You really have to regroup, order new election materials and start all over,” she said. “The last two weeks has been a lot of work. I think it’s been all about going door-to-door and making contact and talking to folks.”

Fancher extended her appreciation to God, her family, friends – and of course the voters. “I will make you proud. You will see progress in our city. My heart and my love for Red Bay are genuine.”

In Russellville, citizens voted in two run-offs for council positions.

In District 2, a familiar face will remain at the helm. In the run-off between incumbent William Nale and Judy Miller, Nale received 142 votes to Miller’s 130 votes.

“It makes me feel good about my support in District,” Nale said. “They have a goal and vision of what they want to see done here.” His re-election, Nale said, shows the voters are behind his ideas, and their vision aligns with his own when it comes to the city of Russellville.

Nale expressed disappointment in the low voter turnout but expressed his thanks to those who did vote for him. “We worked to get our voters back out, as did my opponent. She worked extremely hard,” said Nale. He thanked Miller for a clean campaign. “She has a love and interest for the City of Russellville as well as District 2.”

Nale added, “I just appreciate everybody who went to vote, and I want to thank my family and friends for their support … I look forward to the next four years.”

District 4 will have new blood. In the run-off between incumbent Lanny Hubbard and Arthur Elliott, Elliott received 124 votes to Hubbard’s 65 votes – leaving the newest council representative heaving a sigh of relief and eager to get to work and “make Russellville better.” “I’m glad it’s over,” Elliott said, thanking the voters for their support. “I am glad everybody had enough confidence in me to go out and vote for me once again.”