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RBHS students perform with honor band

By Brandi Miller for the FCT


Red Bay High School Juniors Anna Jackson and Ethan Ray both know very well the dedication and hard work required to be a part of a successful marching band. Both students are longtime band members and leaders among their band mates. Jackson and Ray recently had the opportunity to improve their already-exceptional band skills by participating in the Mississippi State Marching Honor Band.

Jackson and Ray, along with sophomore twirler Layla Bilstein, traveled to Starkville Sept. 3 to join hundreds of other band students and be a part of something spectacular.

“I would definitely say these honor bands are well worth the time and energy put into them,” said Jackson. “We gain so much knowledge and experience from practicing with college bands, and it only makes us look forward to our future as instrumentalists.”

The band students were able to parade into the stadium with the Maroon Band, which was a highlight for both Jackson and Ray.

“I really enjoyed getting to take part in this event,” said Ray. “I can say from experience that all the hard work definitely pays off when you get to perform in front of thousands of people … Being able to march into the stadium with 250 other instrumentalists and the Maroon Band during the hype of a big college game was my favorite part of the entire experience.”

Jackson said her favorite part of the day was getting the experience of practicing and performing with a college band and seeing first-hand what marching band will be like in college.

The band students took the field at halftime and performed in front of thousands of fans. Both students agreed this was an experience they will never forget.