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PCHS danceline performs during Auburn halftime

By Denise Hester for the FCT

Much of high school is designed around getting teenagers ready for the workforce or college experience. When it comes to higher education, it’s hard to convey a sense of what being on that college campus is like until you’ve actually been there. For a group of Phil Campbell High School girls, that on-site experience became a reality the first weekend in October.

Phil Campbell’s dance line had the distinguished opportunity to perform with Auburn University and other dancelines during the Auburn Tigers’ homecoming halftime. Madison Wilson, Abby Davis, Kara Barton, Candace Pounders and Amber Channell were, to begin with, “a little unsure of themselves,” PCHS danceline manager Tennille Barton said.

“With only two practices to learn the routine, the girls were a little unsure of themselves come Saturday,” Barton said. “After getting to the mass practice and learning the line peel, the chant, the ‘War Eagle’ scramble and how to enter and exit the field, the girls were excited, and all the nerves were gone!

Game day, Barton said, was an awesome experience for these students. “By halftime, the girls were all smiles and did a great job. When I asked if they would do it again, they all said yes.

“I am very proud of each one and have truly enjoyed the time spent with them throughout this experience.”