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Red Bay Tiffin driver is shooting victim in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, according to news reports, is in a flurry of action in a manhunt for Michael Vance, 38, who went into a shooting rampage across Oklahoma, shooting police officers and people determined to be relatives. This story hits close to home, as Vance is also believed to be the shooter in an incident involving a Tiffin Motorhomes driver Monday morning.

According to Red Bay Mayor David Tiffin, information provided by Tiffin Motorhomes, driver Randy Frost had pulled into the Sayre, Okla., Flying J rest stop – a common stop for Tiffin drivers who are making deliveries to the west coast – about 2:30 a.m. Monday and had pulled the nightshade over the window before being accosted by a man he identified as Vance, who met him at the door with a gun.

Tiffin said the man “just demands that Randy is going to take him out of there … Randy said, ‘I’m not going to take you anywhere.’”

The man, the identity of whom the OSBI is still trying to ascertain as to whether was or was not Vance, aimed his gun at Frost. Frost grabbed the barrel, and the shot went through the roof just above the windshield, Tiffin said. In the scuffle for the gun that followed, Frost was shot in the leg, the bullet shooting straight through.

Frost had pulled in right beside another Tiffin driver, Dickey Long, who was asleep at the time. The commotion woke him, and he came to Frost’s assistance. The shooter ran off and left in his vehicle, the clip from his gun having been dislodged by Frost.

Tiffin said Frost was admitted to a small hospital in Elk City before being transferred to a larger facility in Oklahoma City.

“Randy was in surgery about three, a little bit over three, hours,” Tiffin said. Tiffin Motorhomes dispatched another driver to bring the motorhome back to Red Bay for repair, and Frost’s fiancé rode with that driver to join Frost.

“We’re so thankful he didn’t lose his life,” Tiffin said.

Frost, Tiffin said, has been with Tiffin three or four years.

Vance is described as Native American, 5 feet 11 inches tall and 212 pounds.