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BTCPA presents: ‘Christmas Belles’

The Bay Tree Council for the Performing Arts in Red Bay will mark the beginning of its 20th season with production that promises hilarity with a touching moment or two to kick off the holiday season.

It’s Christmas-time in the small town of Fayro, Texas, and the Futrelle sisters –Frankie, Twink and Honey Raye – are not exactly in a festive mood. A cranky Frankie is weeks overdue with her second set of twins. Twink, recently jilted and bitter about it, is in jail for inadvertently burning down half the town. And hot-flash-suffering Honey Raye is desperately trying to keep the Tabernacle of the Lamb’s Christmas Program from spiraling into chaos.

The story follows the same characters from another recent BTCPA production “Dearly Beloved.” Director Scotty Kennedy said many of the actors and actresses taking the stage also performed in “Dearly Beloved” providing continuity with people who are already familiar with the style and characters.

Christmas Belles will hit the stage Nov. 10-12 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 13 at 2 p.m. at Community Spirit Bank’s Weatherford Centre in Red Bay. Tickets are $8 each and may be purchased at the Weatherford Centre or by calling 256-356-9829 between 2-4 p.m. Group sales are available with dinner Thursday night and must be purchased in advance by calling Beth Hammock at 256-356-9286.

Cast members include Mary-Elizabeth Moore, Tina Smith, Abbey Jones, Joey Allen, Brittany Russell, Jerry Self, Susan Grissom, Lisa Massey, Dylan Pearson, Randy Mink and Hannah Jackson, whose combined talents bring the story of “Christmas Belles” to life.

“It brings out Christmas cheer. It’s very joyful and comedic … It’s a heartfelt play,” said Allen, adding that comedy is particularly needed this time of year because “there’s so much gloom in the world.”

There’s gloom to be overcome in the town of Fayro, Texas, as well. Miss Geneva, the ousted director of the previous 27 productions at Tabernacle of the Lamb, is ruthless in her attempts to take over the show. The celebrity guest Santa Claus –played by Frankie’s long-suffering husband, Dub ­­– is passing a kidney stone. The entire cast is dropping like flies because of food poisoning from the Band Boosters’ Pancake Supper. And when Frankie lets slip a family secret that has been carefully guarded for decades, all hope for a successful Christmas program seems lost, even with an Elvis impersonator at the manger. But in true Futrelle fashion, the feuding sisters find a way to pull together in order to present a Christmas program the citizens of Fayro will never forget.