Icing on the cake

By Tyler Hargett for the FCT



Nov. 4 was a sweet day for Russellville, as MeMe’s Cakery held a cake-decorating class for a group that signed up to learn how to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The class was a beginner’s course on icing, decorating and using different tips and designs. The class of five was supplied with frozen cakes, and the first part of the class focused entirely on the icing process, using white buttercream icing. This involved learning about filling in the layers and using tools called smoother cones to smooth the icing on the sides. A bit of water from a spray bottle, participants learned, can be used to help the smoothing process.

After this, it was time to decorate. The Cakery explained how to use color mist (a spray food coloring) to turn the cakes different colors. The class used icing bags and sprinkles to create their chosen designs. With multiple colors and bag tips to choose from, the students were allowed to experiment and make their cake as unique as they wanted.

Multiple icing designs were demonstrated with the bags, including dots, rosettes and seashells. Students were also shown that, when using an icing bag, squeezing from the middle can work best. Rubber bands were tied around the ends to prevent leakage and keep the icing fresh longer.

At the end of the class, each student was allowed to take his or her cake home with them. Employee Nicole Lancaster was on hand to help the students. She said the classes are always fun.

“To me, there is no favorite part of the class,” said Lancaster. “I enjoy all of what it’s about.”

Participant Emily Emerson had heard about the class from her mother, and they came to it together. After the class was over, she said she enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

“It went very well and I learned a lot,” said Emerson. “It’s very fun, and you’ll have a good time.”