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Swearing in

Greg Hamilton placed his left hand on the Bible that belonged to his father Gene Hamilton during a swearing-in ceremony Friday morning. “He was very instrumental in where I’m at today – there’s no doubt about,” said Hamilton, after taking the solemn oath.

Greg Hamilton stepped into his new role at the beginning of the year and is hitting the ground running, with a full plate of issues to take on. Top of the list, Hamilton said, will have to be hiring his own replacement, with a new semester approaching and baseball season about to begin.

“Then I’m going to get started looking at the finances – see where we’re at and look for the areas we need to improve,” said Hamilton. “I’m excited … I’ll do the very best I can for every kid in this county. I truly care about the kids, and I’ll do what I can. We’ll build on what was done right, and we’ll try to fix what was done wrong.”

Hamilton said since the election Nov. 8, he has been able to prepare for the transition in some respects, with several visits to Central Office and a few opportunities to attend school board meetings; however, much of the time has been spent wrapping up the school semester. He anticipates a called school board meeting near the beginning of this new year.

With excitement to take on the new challenge comes a twinge of sadness, as well.

“The hardest part will be not being around the kids every day,” he said. But, “I’ll do the best I can for the kids of this county and all the people who work in it and make the school system the best we can … I’m excited for the opportunity. I hold this office as a high honor.”

He aims to take office with advice from out-going superintendent Gary Williams in mind.

“Gary’s advice to me is to listen to the teachers and administrators,” he said. “That’s good solid advice. We have some great teachers and administrators in the county.”

Hamilton was joined at his swearing-in by wife Jessica and son Ty as well as other family members. Judge Paula McDowell performed the ceremony.