Renfroe, Gargis plead not guilty

In arraignments this week, Hailey Rose Renfroe and Shannon Dale Gargis of Franklin County both pleaded not guilty – to charges of aggravated child abuse, for her, and aggravated child abuse and capital murder, for him.

Pre-trial for each has been set for the middle of March, and Franklin County district attorney Joey Rushing said the cases will be on the April trial docket, pending other motions or pre-trial settlement. Rushing said his office expects several motions before Gargis’ case goes to court.

No intention has yet been filed to seek the death penalty for Gargis.

The charges stem from an incident in March 2016, when 22-month-old Serenity, Renfroe’s daughter, was found dead with visible trauma at Renfroe’s Phil Campbell residence. Gargis, Renfroe’s boyfriend, was charged with capital murder, while she was charged with aggravated child abuse.