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TES acquires new projector

By Tyler Hargett for the FCT

Tharptown Elementary teacher Melissa Taylor cares deeply for her students, with her hope being that what she teaches them will help them be more productive young adults. In a world of ever-growing technology, it seems almost a necessity to have certain tools in every classroom that function to provide the students with interactive learning experiences. That is why, after having her projector quit just a few months into the school year, Taylor was determined to get a new digital projector into the classroom as soon as possible.

Taylor contacted Matt Wilemon, district technology specialist, for a quote on a replacement model. She then applied in October for a $523 grant, which was approved by the Franklin County Community Development Commission in November. Taylor expressed her gratitude to the FCCDC, reporting that the projector she gets “will be utilized on a daily basis.”

Taylor said she believes videos, Powerpoint presentations and virtual tours are just a few ways a projector can be used to help students develop better grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

“A digital projector is a great tool to use to integrate technology into the classroom,” said Taylor. “Students are able to visually see something and either listen to the audio or listen to the teacher. This helps in whole group scenarios, before going into small groups, where they utilize the hands-on learning style.”

This school year has been Taylor’s first year teaching sixth grade reading and grammar at Tharptown Elementary. She said she hopes the projector will help make both the rest of the year and future years a success for student learning.