Political candidates address AERA

The Alabama Education Retirees Association held its 2018 District 1 Annual Meeting July 24 at First United Methodist Church in downtown Russellville.

Before official business began, three politicians addressed the assembly. State Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, who is running for state Senate against Larry Stutts, spoke first. Morrow, who is also a member of the AERA, addressed the opioid crisis in the state and the country and invited everyone to attend the event honoring Carl Elliott and the National Defense Education Act Aug. 20.

Candidate Eddie Britton, who is running for House District 18 on the Democratic ticket, said one thing he would like to see change is a cost-of-living raise.

Joseph Siegelman, who is running for attorney general, shared his belief that the position of attorney general should be one that is for the good of the people, whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

“Your main responsibility is to apply the law fairly, equally and responsibly,” he said.