Homefolks U.S.A.

Hi folks,

For everyone who shopped with us at Bolton Furniture last week, we want to say a big thank you. Several of my collectibles are in the hands of fellow collectors. I hope they bring as much joy and happiness as they have to me.

We still have a lot that I plan to sell, so it’s not to late too shop and purchase one of these pieces for yourself.

One collector from Red Bay has purchased a lot of my merchandise. We ask him what he planned to do with it; he smiled and said, “Enjoy them for a long time and then pass them on to a member of my family.”

I really enjoy the local “stuff,” more than some of the more noticed merchandise.

I have a great number of president pictures, all different, that should be in someone’s collection. One collector from Hamilton purchased a Harry Truman portrait that really told a story. Remember Harry Truman was the president who could make a decision and stick with it. His famous saying, “The Buck Stops Here,” is still remembered by a lot of the old-timers of today.

When you read this week’s Homefolks U.S.A., the local and state elections will be over, and I hope the winners – whoever they are – will put their differences aside and go to work for the people – all the people. It’s going to be a major cleanup to rid our country of the political signs, but I am sure the candidates will be sure to pick up their signs they have installed for the past several months.

We sold merchandise this week that needed to be delivered, and when I asked for direction, a lot of memories came to mind. One person said, “Do you know where Nix Mill Pond is?” Some will not remember, but I know, and maybe you do as well.

Customers always give directions by county landmarks, such as “Gene Myrick’s store,” the “monument in Oak Grove,” “Cotton Gin Road” and “Aycock Bridge,” just to name a few.

If you live in a place in our county that was a landmark, please let me know. It will be good for a story in the future.

Til next time,

Your friend,


Thought for the Day

Forgive me Lord for the days I was not grateful.

Remember to love the people God gave you because one day he will need them back.