Land transactions: Nov. 2-20

Nov. 5

Betty Jane Feagan to Hunter D. Murray, warranty

Larry Lynn Bailey to Khristopher Lynn Bailey, survivorship

Audrey Herring to Robert Havens Wright, survivorship

Mark Seay to Raul T. Tomas, survivorship

Crista Lynn Madden to Billy Jeffery Madden, power of attorney

Crista Lynn Madden to Marilee R. Matthews, survivorship

Frank Daniel to Warren Daniel, warranty

Hal Grey Land III to Robert I. Rogers Jr., warranty


Nov. 6

Jennifer Marie McCurry to Terry J. Holt, executor’s

Jennifer Marie McCurry to Jennifer Marie McCurry, executor’s

O.B. Jackson INC to Community Spirit Bank, lieu of foreclosure

O.B. Jackson INC to Community Spirit Bank, lieu of foreclosure

O.B. Jackson INC to Community Spirit Bank, lieu of foreclosure

Zola M. Basham to Susan Basham Leveritt, warranty

Sally Cassel to Mary Miller, power of attorney

Janie L. Hall to Horace Newman Hall, affidavit

Janie L. Hall to Ashley Wilson, warranty

American Storage & Proper to David R. Grissom, warranty

Delores Johnson to Elmer T. Hovater, warranty

Michael D. Sewell to Tommy Lee Smith, warranty


Nov. 7

Certainteed Corporation to Vetrotex Certainteed Corp, easement

Warehouse Home Furnishing to United States of America, easement

Amanda Brassard to Ralph D. Adams, warranty

James S. Berryhill to Robert E. Berryhill, power of attorney

Jewel L. Berryhill to Robert E. Berryhill, power of attorney

William Albert Rackard to Carol Woodward, warranty


Nov. 8

Wade Humphres to Lisa Turbyfill, executor’s

Norman Hawkins to Norman Hawkins, warranty

Whitney Cheatham to Deborah Williams, affidavit

Debbie B. Williams to Michael Allen Williams, quit claim

Bert Bostick to Eddie R. Peden, survivorship

Josh Fuller to Elaine Lindsey, power of attorney


Nov. 9

Tharptown Baptist Church to Iglesia Cristiana Nueva, warranty

Alonzo Joaquin-Perez to Juan Pedro Andres, warranty

Jack L. Caddell to Jennifer Nicole Adams, warranty

Greg Parrish to Paulino Cienfuegos, sale contract


Nov. 13

Princess Rowan to J. Greg lane, survivorship

Robby Randell Baker to Delinia Devon Baker, power of attorney

Harold Brent Raper to Donald Lee Raper Jr., warranty

Freddie Mac to Servicelink LLC, power of attorney

Linda Joyce Benjamin to Servicelink LLC, warranty

Mountain View Baptist Church to Rudolph R. Beckenbach, warranty

Barry Pounders to Barry Pounders, warranty

Barry Pounders to Henry Wimberly, personal representative

Helen V. Benson to Douglas C. Aaron, survivorship


Nov. 14

Cheryl D. Cantrell to Eddie Wade Cantrell, quit claim

Christopher Wayne Parker to Jaime Phillip Parker, administrator’s


Nov. 15

Jose Luis Cotoc to Elizabeth Ann Franks, sale contract

Elaine Mitchell to Brandon Mitchell, warranty

Ila Mae Scott to Byran H. Scott, quit claim

Charlene Fancher to The Industrial Development, affidavit

Page Housing LLC to Jeffrey Heath Strickland, warranty


Nov. 16

Stanley Gilliland to William Peppers, sale contract

The Estate of Peggy Hester to Gustavo Monterroso, survivorship

Lawrence Scott Fuller to Elaine M. Fuller, power of attorney

Lawrence Scott Fuller to Kamala Grimes Washington, survivorship

Tim W. Milam to Mark Taylor, affidavit

David Alan Rhudy to Michael T. Massey, warranty


Nov. 19

Dennis A. Martin to Dennis A. Martin, warranty

Margaret Lindsey Mann to Debra Lindsey Meares, power of attorney

Gola Wayne Moses to Wayne Moses, warranty

Theresa D. Berry to Theresa D. Berry, quit claim


Nov. 20

Jeremy Reed to Wayne B. Stevens, survivorship

Jorudi Trapp to Eddie Godsey, survivorship

June Cummings to Brian Snider, warranty

Donnie Lynch to The Bay Auto Service, warranty

Vault CS Phil Campbell LLC to ARG Mephcal001 LLC, warranty

Vault CS Phil Campbell LLC to ARG Mephcal001 LLC, quit claim

Vault CS 213 Red Bay LLC to ARG Merdbal001 LLC, statutory

Vault CS 908 Red Bay LLC to ARG Merdbal003 LLC, warranty

Vault CS 908 Red Bay LLC to ARG Merdbal003 LLC, quit claim

Vault CS Russellville LLC to ARG Merssal001 LLC, warranty

Vault CS Vina LLC to ARG Mevnaal001 LLC, warranty

Vault CS Vina LLC to ARG Mevnaal001 LLC, quit claim

Troy B. Oliver to Randy T. Hester, survivorship

Dale Jeffreys to John Ross Havard, warranty

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