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Ten Phil Campbell Elementary School fourth-graders visit the Capitol in Montgomery to see their artwork on display.

PCES art goes on display at Capitol

Every year the Alabama Arts Alliance recognizes and celebrates artwork from students across the state. This year, artwork by fourth-graders from Phil Campbell Elementary School was featured at the Capitol in Montgomery among artwork from other students in the Faces of Alabama Exhibit.

“The students had a wonderful time. We were very proud of them,” said fourth-grade teacher Juliann Riley.

All PCES fourth-graders participated in the project, but 10 students were chosen to visit the Capitol Nov. 16 to see their art on display: Kodie Morgan, Brady Williams, Kayla Jackson, Christian McAfee, March Duncan, Andrew Edwards, Brody King, Austin Elliott, Taylor Wallace and Adriana Thrasher.

“I think when they saw it, they realized the importance and what an honor it was to have their
work displayed there,” librarian and trip sponsor Andrea Hogan said.

Hogan attended a Bicentennial workshop earlier this year and brought back the idea to participate in this project, which focused on famous people from Alabama. She collaborated with teachers, and they worked within the specific criteria necessary to complete the project. The children had to choose an Alabamian, research them, write a paragraph about them and create a portrait of that person. Riley and Hogan helped the students research and write about the people they chose.

“It’s important that they learn about the people from our state who have made an impact not only on Alabama but on the world,” Hogan said.

Art teacher Morgan Ouellette helped them create their portraits, first with an etching and then with paint.

After seeing their artwork, the students went on a tour of the Capitol and a tour of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

“They were allowed to see and enjoy art they have never seen before or heard about,” Riley said.

Their artwork was on display throughout the month of November.