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TES tours highway department

Tharptown Elementary School’s Ambassadors are ending the year on a positive note by giving back to the Franklin County Transportation Department.

Dec. 13 students delivered breakfast to Franklin County workers as a way to thank them for the labor and time they committed to constructing the new road behind TES, which has increased the safety of the students and community members, according to counselor Susan McRight.

Kyleigh Bryant, president of the TES Ambassadors, said that her favorite part was serving breakfast “to the men who gave so much to our school by constructing the road out back.” Kyleigh said the county employees helped remind her of the mission of the Ambassadors, which is all about service to others and letting others know how valued and appreciated they are.

County engineer David Palmer took the Ambassadors on a tour of the department, where they saw how road signs are made.

“Anytime our students can be introduced to hands-on experiences, such as using 3-D technology to produce a road sign, these are opportunities to advance our student learning that must be utilized,” TES Principal Kelby Daniel said.

During the tour, the Ambassadors asked if they could design a street sign for the new road, which has been named Wildcat Way.

“Our students were motivated by observing the process to produce a road sign,” Daniel said. “The motivation spurred questioning and conversation to take place among the county representatives and our students. This was indeed a learning experience our students enjoyed and will remember.”

Harlee Fisher, TES vice president, said she enjoyed watching the use of computer technology to create, draw and cut out the street letters and characters.

“The Ambassadors found the use of technology fascinating, as many of members participate in the robotics program,” McRight said.

Ambassador Abilene Tyler is one of those robotics program participants. She said she was so impressed with how kind the men were to take their time to explain the technology used in making the street signs and was intrigued by their use of technology because as a member of the school’s robotics team, she realizes the skills, precision and time involved in creating such designs.