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Hi folks,

This is the 42nd year we have celebrated Christmas at Bolton’s Furniture. Time has really changed in these many years, but so many good memories still remain.

In the first year, merchandise was delivered right up to Christmas Eve, and making those deliveries were Jimmy Bonds, Charles McGuire and Mack Graham. Everyone worked so hard; everyone had a job to do, and we got the job done. My wife Mattie took care of the bookkeeping, and I helped with most all the deliveries. I believe Mattie had the busy job because not only did she help at the store but she took care of preparing for the holidays and made sure that Jennifer was cared for and that her homework from school was always prepared. Mattie never complained and always did her best at whatever task came her way. She is really missed by all, but we cherish the good memories that remain.

We would, in those days, kick off the Christmas season with a 10 Hour Sale that would take place the day following Thanksgiving.

We still enjoy the holiday season, but it’s always a relief when it’s all over. Everyone is so busy, and no one wants to settle down and just talk or think about the year that has passed.

We all wonder what the future will bring. Will it be happy days? Will we slow down and be more thankful? I really don’t see that happening.

Last week someone pointed out two homeless people walking down the south end of town. They looked uncomfortable – shabby, lonely – but then I noticed that each one had a cell phone or iPhone. How can that be?

Let’s all hope and pray for better days ahead. May 2019 be a happy, successful year for everyone. Thanks for reading our stories each week in Homefolks U.S.A.

Till next time,

Your friend,


Thought for the Day

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