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Magazine’s bridal edition highlights wedded bliss in Franklin County

This week we give you something Franklin Living has not undertaken in nearly five years: an edition featuring a special bridal section and upcoming wedding-related features.

Is there any day more memorable than the day soulmates promise to spend the rest of their lives together? There is something iconic about a couple’s wedding day. There’s the white dress, the bouquets, the cake, the kiss …

In some ways, each wedding is much like another, marching on throughout time. But when we look more closely, we find that each wedding is subtly-yet-stunningly different. Just as every couple brings their own values, traditions, dreams and beliefs to the marriage, so does each bride and groom mold their wedding to make their special day one that is uniquely “them.” Whether that means a small gathering with family or a large fete, a destination wedding or a secret elopement – all of which you’ll find in this issue – the beautiful thing about a wedding ceremony is the way it reflects the couple committing themselves to each other.

I know my own wedding day is one I will never forget. It was a beautiful day, full of joy, spent with family, friends and, most importantly, the love of my life. As a little girl, I never thought about my wedding day, and I never dreamed of feeling like a princess – but July 21, 2012, in a flowing white gown at the church where my parents were married, my wedding day was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

In my introductory note in the magazine, I presented this special issue as our “first” wedding edition. That’s not strictly true – we published a wedding-themed magazine “before my time” in February 2014, and we have also shared some special wedding sections in the newspaper over the past few years. But I must say I’m proud of the first bridal edition we have created during my tenure with the Franklin County Times, and I hope you’ll enjoy leafing through each page.

We’re excited to bring you a taste of all things bridal in Franklin County. Within the pages of this issue, you will meet five newlyweds and share in their stories of love and devotion; you’ll learn about some local wedding vendors you might not know about; and you’ll find all of our usual departments, too, like Faces of Franklin County and our Faith and Money Matters features.

I hope you will treasure this very special edition. I know I do.