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Club Chronicles: Garden Club makes 2019 resolutions

The definition of resolution is a formal authorization or expression of an action, decision, intention, opinion or transaction. Many resolutions are made at the first of the year by individuals, organizations, groups and clubs.

Cultural Garden Club’s first resolution is to thank everyone for their support and compliments on the decorations in downtown Russellville. It was amazing how the holiday spirit was contagious and spread throughout the community. This was evident by how local merchants and homeowners decorated their businesses and homes for the holidays.

The Cultura Garden Club members are most appreciative to the city officials, county officials, Chamber of Commerce and the citizens for their participation and support. As one individual stated, “It was like a Hallmark movie … we just needed the snow.”

Now that the Christmas holiday season is over, it’s time for the club’s second resolution to be addressed: to assist the street department in taking down and storing the decorations for next year. This too will be a major project and one that could not be accomplished without the Russellville Street Department. Plans were to begin Jan. 7.

The club’s other resolutions for the New Year include continuing the beautification projects for downtown; supporting the Alabama 200 Bicentennial Celebration and the City of Russellville 200 Bicentennial Celebration; and sponsoring fundraisers for projects.

Some resolutions are dropped or forgotten, but Cultura Garden Club members are determined and dedicated to making theirs a reality in 2019.