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Hi folks,

The year 2018 has passed, and all of those days will remain in the past. We all have good memories of the past year, and we also have memories that are no so good, but all of those will take the back seat as we continue to move on.

Is it really good for us to hold on to everything that has happened in those days that are now history? Maybe so, maybe not – you be the judge.

A good friend who has now passed on always loved the ’50s. He said those were the best days ever.

I was born in 1942, and as I look back, I noticed that everything had a lower price tag than today. A gallon of gas cost 20 cents, and a loaf of bread was 9 cents. A house would cost in the neighborhood of $1,600 – quite a change from today. I suppose that a lot of people had a hard time even paying those prices.

No one had a cellphone then; no one would believe that today. Families were closer than most families are today, and they would visit with their neighbors without having to receive an invitation. Children would play games with their friends, with no iPad, computer or tablet in their possession. You could share your feelings with your friends and know they would listen. I am afraid we have lost a lot of this.

I would never want to call back some of those “good old days,” but maybe we could carry into this New Year 2019 some of the memories that took place so many years ago.

I truly hope 2019 will bring happiness and peace to so many hurting people. The older I become, the more I really appreciate the past and the old things. I can really remember all of those happenings that took place back in the bygone years, and sometimes I have a problem remembering what happened a few days ago.

Perhaps those days in the past had memories that really matter, and what happens today really does not have a lot of meaning.

Most readers of Homefolks U.S.A. tell me they really enjoy reading about what took place so many years ago; regardless, let’s try to be happy and love our fellow man. Try to be a good neighbor and serve our God in the years to come. We will all be better people if this is our goal in 2019.

Till next time,

Your friend,


Thought for the Day

I may not be the most important person in your life; I just hope that when you hear my name, you smile and say, “That’s my friend.”