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Russellville High School presents Peter Pan Jr.

Russellville High School’s musical theatre class is bringing another Disney classic to the stage with “Peter Pan Jr.,” Feb. 7-8 at 6:30 p.m. in the Russellville City Schools Auditorium.

“It’s the version we all grew up with,” lead technician Tino Soto said.

Soto has worked on RCS productions for five years now doing behind-the-scenes tasks like sound, lights and props. It’s a different perspective he said most people don’t get to see.

“You have to study the script and know it like the back of your hand. I find it really fun,” he said.

With more than 60 students in the cast, several are getting the chance to expand their skill sets, like Ella Burcham, who plays the beloved Tinkerbell.

“I’m excited to have a big lead because I haven’t done much of that yet,” Burcham said.

The daunting Capt. Hook is being portrayed by Patrick Crummie, who has been in several productions. This is Crummie’s senior year, and he said he is enjoying playing the bad guy.

“I’m trying to get everything out of it that I can by having fun and having a good time but also working hard and getting it right,” he said.

“Peter Pan Jr.” is a more lighthearted play, according to music instructor Emily Rush, and she said audiences will love it. Drama instructor Patrice Smith agreed.

“It’s that classic magic we love and our audiences love,” Smith said.

The show is full of music and dancing, which students agreed is easier and more fun than a non-musical.

“It’s easier to remember lyrics than lines,” Amberly Brown said. Crummie said much of the plot, however, is shared through the songs.

The students have worked well together this year, Smith said, and have come together as a family, which helps the flow of their productions.