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Why I Love Franklin County: Sherye Price

FRANKLIN LIVING— Sherye Price is the daughter of William and Linda Cowan, an electrician at Constellium and a retiree from ECM respectively. The eldest of four siblings, Price’s sister is a teacher in Mississippi and has three children, and her brother works at a local industry and has a 6-year-old daughter. Price is a 1991 graduate of Russellville High School, and she attended Northwest-Shoals Community College and the University of North Alabama. She has called Franklin County home since she was 3 years old.

What is your job title, and what does your work entail?

I started at the Franklin County Development Authority as assistant director in 2006. For nearly three years I’ve been interim executive director. One of FCDA’s main goals is to recruit new manufacturing jobs to Franklin County.  We do this through working with our local industry to assist with expansion needs and by working to recruit companies from out of state. I work with local municipalities and their industrial development boards; local, regional and state workforce development organizations; local schools and the community college, as well as UNA; our local utility companies, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Alabama Power; and many more organizations that can provide services to our community and its manufacturing companies.

What about your job is meaningful to you?

I enjoy playing a small role in the overall betterment of our county and the challenge of knowing that each day, each project is different and new. I enjoy meeting our county’s leaders, volunteers and citizens that are doing extraordinary things to improve their companies, cities and communities.

What is your favorite place to visit in Franklin County?

I enjoy hiking and taking photographs of all things nature, so I love visiting Dismals Canyons and the trails at Rock Bridge Canyon in Hodges.

What is your favorite Franklin County restaurant, and what do you like about it?

I’ve just recently become a bit obsessed with The Grind Café and Coffee Shop. They have wonderful mocha lattes. I have not yet had the chance to visit Doe’s Restaurant but look forward to checking them out soon.

Why do you love Franklin County?

Because it is home. I grew up here. Our community is strong in so many ways. Existing businesses are growing, and new ones are locating across the county, from Russellville to Red Bay. Our citizens work hard and are quick to help their fellow man.

Fast Five

  1. Favorite hobbies: hiking, photography and reading.
  2. Favorite food: Does coffee count as a food group? No? Okay, I’ll go with pizza!
  3. Goal or ambition: Professional goal – to increase project activity and work more closely with our workforce development agencies, high schools, community college and training agencies to see our future workforce grow and succeed. Personal goal – travel more.
  4. Church: Faith Church, Florence.
  5. Something people might not know about me is: I enjoy taking photos of nature, the sky and abandoned things like a falling barn, dilapidated home, old vehicles, anything old and partially reclaimed by nature. So, you might see me pulled over on the side of a back road taking a photo of a sunset or barn on any given day. Give me a wave!