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Scott Wiginton is serving as post-president during his fourth year on the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Board.

Scott Wiginton shares chamber experience

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce’s executive board is made up of influential people from across the county who have different backgrounds and experiences – like Scott Wiginton.

Wiginton, Franklin County Career Technical Center Director, was the president of the executive board in 2018.

“It’s a different kind of leadership,” Wiginton said.

He said he hadn’t considered being a part of the Chamber until a former boss of his said career tech people needed to be involved with economic boards and chamber boards. In 2016 Wiginton talked to the county superintendent, who then wrote him a letter of recommendation. He has been on the board since then and has two more years of service to go after 2019.

“It’s a big commitment, but it’s extremely rewarding,” he said.

Wiginton said people can’t really know what the Chamber does without the special behind-the-scenes insight that comes by serving on the board.

“Not a month goes by that the Chamber isn’t doing something. It’s very active,” he said.

Some of the most memorable moments for Wiginton this past year were the Christmas parades, Holly Day and the Easter egg hunts.

The Junior Leadership Program is something he said is very important and helpful when it comes to the Chamber’s operations.

“If you don’t help out your community, what kind of community can we really have?” Wiginton said.

As president, it was his first time running board meetings and having a hand in everything the role entails. He said it was very educational, but he’s happy to be in the post-president position now.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to help Emily if she needs me, but I think she’s going to do a great job,” Wiginton said.

Wiginton has been in Franklin County for more than 20 years – as an agriculture teacher, principal and now career tech director in the county. He said Franklin County is a great place to live, and he is proud of all the Chamber does to support the county and its cities and towns.