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Just passing through: Red Bay City Hall

The City of Red Bay has many notable locations, and the Franklin County Pastport highlights a few of them. Red Bay City Hall is one of the locations featured that Pastport participants can visit, learn about and receive their stamp and signature.

“We’re excited for people to come to Red Bay,” revenue officer Tracie Clark said.

Red Bay has a rich history, and so does its City Hall. It is located at 203 4th Ave. SE and has been since 2007.

Tragedy struck in May 2006 when the old city hall building at 112 5th Ave. SE burned; this former building also housed the police station. When it came time to rebuild, the city decided to expand and separate city government and city police into separate buildings.

The mayor at the time was Jeff Reid, who served until 2008, when Robbie Forsythe took office until 2013. The council members at the time of the fire were Patsy Hammock, Bobby Nelson, Ann Wilkins, Rayford Seahorn and Ricky Holland.

David Tiffin served as mayor from 2013-2016, after which current mayor Charlene Fancher was elected. The current councilmembers are Mike Kennedy, Jarod Massey, Herbert Trulove, Jason Vinson and Brad Bolton.

Also located at city hall are city clerk Linda Holcombe, revenue officer Clark, court clerk Cindy Green and administrative assistant Jennifer Garrett.

Clark said city hall has already welcomed a number of Pastport-carrying visitors, including Tiffin Motorhomes customers.

Red Bay City Hall is one of four locations on the Pastport that can be found in Red Bay.

This is the second in a series in which the Franklin County Times will spotlight each location on the Franklin County Pastport. Please have your Pastport ready to travel throughout the county!