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Hi folks,

Stop and smell the roses.

We all are guilty of rushing through each day, and we really fail at taking the time to slow down and smell the roses. We all hear people say that time is passing so quick – but really it is not. I am afraid we are guilty of living in the fast lane, and we are missing so much by not putting our gear in coast and really slowing down and enjoying each and every day.

So many people make a great impression on me by the way they handle each day. Today I want to name just a few who will make a good impression on readers of Homefolks U.S.A.

The first I wish to mention is my friend Charles Skidmore. Charles is a picture of health – except one thing. He has a remarkable attitude, and he is loved and respected by everyone who knows him, but every day he wakes up without the eyesight he once enjoyed. I can’t imagine what that feeling must be like. I am so afraid I would not view life in the ways my friend Charles Skidmore does.

Thank you, Charles, for being the great example you are to your many friends, family and loved ones.

The second person who comes to mind is a man who has been living with cancer for a few years. He always has a beautiful smile, and he is always friendly and so courteous to everyone he meets. The cancer has not grown any for a while, and that is great news. I am sure he endures a lot of pain, but you would never know it by the way he acts. He has a God-sent ability to sing songs – a voice that is second to none. His great assets have been recognized by everyone who knows him.

I speak of my good friend, Kerry Gilbert.

The third person I want to recognize today has been my friend for many years. For the past several months, I have failed to see him, and I assumed he was on one of his many missions that he has engaged himself in.

Last week he walked into the store, and I was surprised to see him. His step was not a fast one, and he has lost a lot of weight. He has recently undergone a very serious surgery that could have paralyzed him for life, but he has overcome that surgery, and he gives God the credit for his recovery. May he continue to improve in our prayers. I speak of my friend Mr. Charles Dale.

May God continue to give strength and comfort to my many great friends.

Till next time,

Your friend,