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Hi folks,

This past week was one of rainy weather. Many eyes were on the dams and bridges in Colbert and Lauderdale counties. We saw the power of rushing water, but we are thankful everything “stayed together,” and we all are safe again.

Roadways and the damage that did take place can be repaired. Let’s all be thankful that no loss of life happened here in our part of the county.

It was my pleasure to visit with a lot of my old friends this past week, and we talked about those good times of years gone by. We all truly appreciate those good memories we have of those times.

Mr. Carlos Borden has been a great friend for many years, and the good stories we shared brought back so many good and pleasant memories. More than 40 years ago, Carlos did a brick-and-block job for me, and the work was remarkable. Many thanks for helping me out when a job was needed. Carlos continues to do the same work today, and he enjoys it as much now as he did then. It’s a God-given talent, and I appreciate people who use the talent that was given them to help and serve others.

Friends like Carlos Borden are truly appreciated, and it is always a joy and a pleasure to share stories about our friendship through the years. I could sum up my feelings about Carlos with the words, “What you see is what you get.”

It was also so good to talk and visit with my good friend Uthell Bankston this week. This is one lucky person to still be with us. He almost lost his life in an automobile accident, but he came through this and is doing very well. When I asked Uthell how he was doing, his reply was “Doing good. I owe it to the Good Lord.” So you can’t call it luck; he was in the hands of the maker of the universe, and I am so thankful he recognized that as well.

Readers of Homefolks U.S.A. continue to tell me how much they enjoy our stories each week and that really “charges me up,” to continue to share my stories with you.

We all have stories to tell; share yours with me, and I will share it with our reading audience.

Till next time,

Your friend,