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Passionate citizens are our greatest asset

Last week, Franklin County took the opportunity to honor just a few of the people who make our corner of north Alabama such a wonderful place to live.

The annual Partnership Banquet recognizes the best of the best among us – the dedicated community members who are impacting Franklin County for good through their service and commitment, whether in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

We just want to add our own congratulations to these fine individuals and share our gratitude for their efforts toward helping Franklin County continue as a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Our teachers, industry leaders, innovators and public servants all play a part in adding value to our communities. Whether they contribute to honoring our past, improving our present or preparing for our bright future, each is a crucial part of Franklin County.

People who commit themselves to bettering their world deserve some recognition, so we’re glad the Partnership Banquet, coordinated by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and the Franklin County Development Authority, continues each year to honor these standout citizens. It’s a way of showing them we see their efforts and take pride in their accomplishments.

We also want to take a minute to congratulate the nominees for awards, as well as those all across this county who work to make it a better place. Although not everyone wins an award for their roles in the community, everyone’s positive contributions have value. Every effort made – whether it’s clearing litter off a street, being an encourager to local youth, planning a community event or running a business on Main Street – has merit and boosts Franklin County a little higher.

Congratulations, to our award-winners and to all. We tip our hat to you.