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A lot of the work it takes to keep the Franklin County Times ship sailing happens behind the scenes. It’s an occupational hazard that when you work at a newspaper you become a well-known face in the community, and a lot of the work we do – from covering meetings to photographing events – takes place in a visible way; however, there are so many other tasks to accomplish that don’t necessarily have a byline attached.

One of my favorite behind-the-scenes tasks in constructing our daily email to send to our subscribers.

If you follow us on Facebook, you get to see our latest stories when we share those URLs to our page. But whether you’re on Facebook or not, you can always enjoy a snapshot of the top headlines on our website by subscribing to our email blast.

It falls to me to choose which stories to highlight and to keep this daily email update fresh and current.

I love imagining someone logging into their email to find the day’s digest. Maybe they are excited to discover a photo of their grandchild’s athletic team. Maybe they grab a calendar or daily planner to note the fun community events coming up. Maybe they click over to the website to cast their vote in our weekly poll.

Like most creative people – or, since a good dose of humility is warranted, people who believe they are creative – I am so gratified to think that something I created might educate, entertain or inspire someone. It’s a joy to believe that something I created could have that kind of impact – even if it’s just a little daily subscriber email.

If you don’t subscribe to our daily news blast, I hope you’ll consider it. It’s super easy to sign up: just enter your email address on our home page.

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