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Hi folks,

It’s always good to see and visit with great friends, and last week was no exception. Several of my old buddies from years gone by came in the store, and we reminisced about the years that have passed and recalled great times from many years ago.

My Tennessee friend from Columbia has been sick but is feeling some better. They are all looking forward to this coming Saturday when the town will be celebrating “Mule Day.”

This event was started many years ago, and more than 100,000 have paid a visit to Columbia each year. This event is kind of like the Watermelon Festival that is held here in Russellville. It draws a lot of folks, and many return year after year.

Last year at the Watermelon Festival we had some folks from Walnut Grove, Miss., to visit us at Bolton’s, and they carried a few collectibles back home with them.

I like big crowds, whether it be a festival, church or a family gathering. Everyone has a story, and we all like to share our stories with anyone who will listen.

The state is celebrating its 200-year anniversary, and Franklin County has several events that will be taking place in the following months. It would be nice if many of those who have gone on could return and see the many changes that have taken place. This is true with every town in our state. Time brings changes, and many times, a lot of us of us do not like change – but it happens, so we must make the best of change and continue to carry on.

I recently saw a picture of the Russellville Civitan Club from many years ago. All of them have gone on, but the good memory of each continues to carry on. Some of the people in the picture were Dr. Clayton, Mr. Amos Hester, Abe Abbort, Woodie Underwood and Mr. Victor Wood – this is just to name a few. I have a copy of this picture, and one is on display at the Franklin County Archives.

I hope people will take an interest of things that are taking place throughout our state and record these events for those who are coming up in our county today. We can’t really appreciate the future without knowing and appreciating the past. Good memories, influence, a good report and the love we have for one another are things that death cannot destroy.

Keep reading Homefolks U.S.A., and I will do my best to share great stories each week in the days that lie ahead.

Till next time,

Your friend,


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