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Welcome spring with these tips from fellow Franklin Countians

The Franklin County Times staff asked readers and Facebook fans: What’s the No. 1 thing you like to do to freshen up your home, lawn and life for springtime? Here are their thoughts:

  •  “The number one thing I like to do in the spring to freshen my home: a new air filter and deep clean. My lawn: clean out the flowerbeds and do the first mowing of the season. My life: treat myself to pedicure!” —Emily Mays
  • “I begin spring with a look inside and outside my home and make a list of home maintenance chores and cleaning that need to be completed. Spring cleaning is something my sisters and I grew up doing during our spring break from school. My mom would have us wash all the walls and windows in the house and sun our beds. I guess that is why I still love to sun my bed pillows and quilts. Sleeping in a bed that smells like the outdoors is refreshing and reminds me of my childhood.” —Cindy Coan
  • “Here are some of the things we like to do for spring: plant flowers, get the lawn ready and set up the patio and sunporch to enjoy evenings with the family.” —Myron McCulloch
  • “New candles with fresh scents like lemon and mint. Fresh flowers, like tulips. Trade heavy curtains for light and airy sheers, and let the sunshine shine in.” —Anna Duncan
  • “I like to change out all the flower arrangements in the home and bring springtime flower arrangements in, using fresh-cut flowers as much as possible, and open up the doors and let the outside air flow in the home.” —Elaine Vaughn
  •  “After being cooped up during the winter, spring is very much welcomed. I enjoy working outside, cleaning flower beds and planting perennials. To me, this isn’t work but more of a hobby and therapy. It’s also a time for spring cleaning and painting outside furniture.” —Susie Malone
  • “I like getting the yard into shape by getting everything cleaned up and neat. My wife works hard spring cleaning the house. When spring weather comes we raise the windows and enjoy the beautiful weather.” —Randy Seal
  • “The first thing my husband and I do after we have cleaned up our yard from winter is visit Donnie Nichols at the RHS Agriculture Department to purchase our spring and summer plants to revive our porches and yard with beautiful potted and hanging flower creations.” —AnnaKay Holland
  • “I like to start a new Bible study in March to freshen my life for the summer!” —Jocelynn James
  • “Spring cleaning both inside and out; fresh mulch with the help of Burns All Season Lawn Care is always a must; and getting the pool ready for summer! We love spring! The kids love to plant flowers and put out the ferns each year.” —Heather Davis
  • “My spring cleaning basically involves me walking outside on the first pretty day and, whatever in my garage looks old or junky, throwing it into the garbage. Then for the rest of the spring and summer I wish I still had the old and junk thing I threw away.” —Joey Rushing
  • “I like to do spring cleaning at home, just doing those extra needed touch-ups like cleaning windows – also being able to hand wash the car in warmer weather. I really enjoy taking long walk in sunshine for exercise and seeing beautiful new blooms. Springtime is my favorite season. It reminds me of new beginnings and new life as we celebrate Easter, being thankful for Christ’s death, burial and resurrection!” —Janna Jackson
  •  “Pruning, trimming, treating weeds with pre-emerge, fertilizing the lawn, fruit trees, roses and azaleas and other flowering shrubs. Cleaning the flowerbeds and also container pots, preparing for spring flowers. I enjoy getting new ideas for spring and summer plants from magazines, internet and friends and family. I always enjoy getting out in the beautiful spring weather, working in God’s beautiful nature.” —Martha Sibley
  • “When the daffodils start blooming, I get ready to spring clean. That means decluttering and getting my pastel Fenton milk glass vases on display. They make the perfect home for my cut flowers. I try to keep fresh flowers on my counter as soon as springtime arrives. It makes the house look so cheerful. I’ve always thought daffodils were smiles from God that winter was almost over.” —Natalie Bendall