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RFD seeks supporters for fire safety program

A major key in keeping the community fire safe is awareness and education. With this in mind, the Russellville Fire Department is working with National Fire Safety Council, a non-profit organization, to provide fire prevention materials for the community through the Annual Fire Prevention Program for the children and seniors of Russellville.

According to the RFD, these materials are designed to provide important information and valuable resources for the community.

Some of the materials selected include activity manuals, brochures, booklets and other teaching aids. A broad range of critical topics are addressed in these materials, including how to report a fire to 9-1-1, home fire safety, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher awareness, burn prevention and other community concerns.

The RFD will distribute these materials through presentations, activities and programs. “This information is a great tool to help children, parents, teachers and our community better understand and respond to the challenges and education needed to help protect our citizens every day,” said Chief Joe Mansell.

The department is asking local businesses to support the program by donating to help cover the cost of the materials. Tax-deductible contributions will be used to provide fire prevention education materials for the community. In recognition of their generosity, the name or business name will be listed on the materials distributed. Michael Autry, state safety coordinator for the National Fire Safety Council, will fully coordinate the program, including materials, donations and delivery, along with fire marshal Justin Green.

“This is the only fire prevention and educational program that most of our children and seniors will receive,” Green said. “Please help us educate our children and seniors to hopefully prevent anyone from being injured or dying as a result of a fire.”

For more information contact Green at or 256-332-8765.