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Our admiration goes to children helping children

No matter where you look, you can find someone complaining about “kids these days.” You can find someone griping about young people’s self-centeredness, their complete absorption in themselves and their unwillingness to share the kindness and hospitality of days gone by.

Here in Franklin County, that just isn’t true.

Last week we shared the story of some CTE students at Russellville who hosted a fundraiser to benefit their elementary school classmates – to provide expanded resources in elementary libraries. These students weren’t just thinking of themselves.

In the coming weeks we have a few more stories planned of students who are giving of themselves to help children just like them.

And if that doesn’t make your heart just overflow with warmth and joy, we don’t know what will.

The truth of it is, we frequently find a great story to share with you about the way children in Franklin County are making a difference. Whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or holding a canned food drive, collecting toys at Christmas or raising awareness of the problems facing society – from domestic abuse and suicide to tobacco incidence and more – Franklin County young people have found plenty to think about besides themselves.

We hope you’ll join us in recognizing and celebrating our youth and their efforts to help others, to reach out a hand to someone in need.

When we look for the negatives in today’s world, we are sure to find them. But the opposite of a great truth is also true – and when you look for the positives, you are sure to find those, too.

Our Franklin County young people are some of the greatest positives we can treasure.