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Calhoun signs RHS’ Morgan Moon

Russellville High School senior golfer Morgan Moon recently signed a scholarship to continue her playing days at Calhoun Community College in Decatur.

A celebration was held April 26 at the RHS Field House as Moon signed on to play for Calhoun. A large group of family, friends, teammates and coaches were on hand to congratulate the golfer, who is part of the Russellville team coached by her parents, Monica and Chris Moon.

Morgan has been a part of the RHS team since its inception during her seventh-grade year. According to the stats, her top nine-hole score has been a 43 at Twin Pines Country Club, and her favorite memories at RHS have been the time spent with her teammates.

“I’m very excited about today,” Morgan said. “I’m excited because the school is very nice, and so is their golf program. They have a new golf coach, and she is very young. She’s kind of my size, and she feels almost like my twin.”

Arin Eddy is the coach at Calhoun, and she is putting together her first signing class of five players after coaching this season with a group she inherited. “I got hired in December, so when I got hired, the four girls on their team that I had were not my own recruits,” Eddy explained, “so this group of girls that I’m getting is very special because it’s my own group.”

Moon and her family have already made a strong connection with the Calhoun coach. “When I met them, we just automatically hit it off, and her parents are super sweet,” Eddy said. “I think we’re getting a good one.”

Monica said their family is “just blessed for Morgan to have this opportunity.”

“At the beginning of her senior year, we didn’t know if this was the direction she wanted to go with golf or where she was wanting to choose to go with college,” Monica said. “We just prayed about it and waited to see how God aligned everything. We met Coach Eddy at one of the games when she came and watched the girls play, and she started reaching out and contacting them after that, and it just all worked out.

“Morgan has always loved golf,” the mother and coach added. “She picked it up since the third grade, and she’s always loved to play with her daddy. That just kept that love going, and now, she’s going to get to continue that in college.”

Dad Chris also called the college signing a blessing. “About a month ago, Coach Eddy came to us and was really interested in Morgan. Everything’s worked together since then, and it’s been a blessing to see that we get this next step with her,” he said. “We get to keep watching her play and keep watching her grow.”

Morgan shared her thoughts about having her dad as a coach: “He’s always been patient, and even yesterday, we were trying to improve my swing.”